10 of Our Most Successful Video Projects

10 of Our Most Successful Video Projects

We have been marketing businesses since 2016 and, with that, have accumulated more than 5,000 subscribers, 2.5 million total video views, and 700+ videos, and have worked with many clients on various niches. Below, we would like to share our top 10 most successful video projects to date. 

1. How to use an essential oil burner (160k views)

This long-form video did not require much planning and had a straightforward production. We had just started selling oil burners on our website and shared a single video showing how to use one with essential oil. I never thought that three years later, it would have got more than 160,000 total video views. The video was so successful that we made a dedicated oil burner playlist. The videos are gaining more views daily, reminding you that sometimes you should keep it simple. 

2. Indian Damaru Sound Demo (140k views)

After adding musical instruments to our range, customers wanted to hear how the instruments sounded. We then set out to make sound demonstration videos of every musical instrument. This one, in particular, tapped into a trend of famous Indian gods and goddesses and reached a vast international audience.  

3. How to Tune a Coconut Thumb Piano (97k views)

We found a supplier of the coconut thumb piano, which is a less popular version of the plucked kalimba musical instrument. Seeing as kalimbas came tuned and the thumb piano did not, it took a while to learn how to adjust it. Once I knew, I decided that I might as well share a video showing other people how to do it, too. I didn’t realise that there would be a massive audience of people wanting to tune their instruments! 

4. Garnier Blackhead Face Mask (95k views)

Sadie told me about a new popular face mask that supposedly removes blackheads, and I happened to have many of them on my nose. We filmed the process of putting it on and had fun in the video. After reviewing the product, our viewers seemed to love the entertainment value and found the video helpful. 

5. Treatment for Bacterial Conjunctivitis (85k views)

I am not a medical professional, and this video was only made because, in January 2020, I wanted to make a start on YouTube. I decided that even though I had terrible conjunctivitis and could barely see out of my eyes, I would still make the video (no excuses!) This paid off because this unstoppable approach hit the perfect audience. 

6. You Are My Sunshine Coconut Thumb Piano Cover (85k views)

After showing people how to tune the coconut thumb piano, I needed to share a song that they could play, and this was the first one I shared. The sound quality was not excellent, but people were happy that finally, someone was creating learning resources for them!

7. DIY Macrame Plant Hanger (85k views)

We were great at making craft videos but were not particularly good at making things, so when we found Sophie from Agnes London, who was creating incredible items, we reached out to see if she was open to a collaboration. It involved her filming herself making a macrame plant hanger, and our job was to edit the video for engagement. The video is a huge success and is among our highest-liked videos. 

8. How to Use Wax Melts with an Oil Burner (74k views)

If something works, you do it again. We took the oil burner concept and created a near-predictable popular video. This time, it achieved about half the views because wax melts are not used as much as essential oil, but it created a lot of buzz around our channel and products. We even decided to start making our wax melts! 

9. How to Make Italian Limoncello Recipe (72k views)

We took a short break from work and went to Sorrento in Italy, and for the first time, we tried Italian limoncello. The drink was delightful: sweet, strong, and citrusy. When I got home, I started researching how to make lemon liquor and shared it with the world. 

10. How to Cook Chinese Prawn Crackers (58k views)

We have produced a lot of food content because we all need to eat. I wouldn’t say I like ordering Chinese food from a takeaway because of the use of MSG, so instead, I went to a local oriental store where they sold raw, uncooked prawn crackers, and not knowing how to cook them, I made a video for fun. 

These results are not easy for anyone to replicate; in fact, we have made more than 700 videos and have accumulated over 2.5 million views. It has been a long learning journey, and now we can put together strategies based on our results to help you market your product or service. Get started today with one of our packages to take your business to the next level. 

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