Grammarly Premium: Is it worth it?

Grammarly Premium: Is it worth it?

Grammarly is a great piece of software that is much better than any spellchecker as it offers plenty of extra features. There are three tiers of the software these are: free, premium and business. The free version has limited functionality which is why some people opt for the paid version and as I have tried the free and premium version of Grammarly, I am going to share with you what I have learnt so that you can decide for yourself whether the premium version is worth it for you. 

To give you some perspective, I have been writing blog posts for my websites for the past 5 years and during that time my writing has evolved. I didn’t do very well at school, especially in English but when I started my own business, I found that writing was one of my main passions.

The main reason why someone would consider Grammarly is because they want to become a better writer but one of the biggest transformations in my writing was not from using Grammarly but was after I read a book called: Essential Guide to Business writing by Ian Atkinson - the book will teach you how to write to engage, persuade and sell. 

How can Grammarly help your writing?

Grammarly’s functions include: Grammar checker, plagiarism checker, citation generator, essay checker, tone doctor, style guide, and more. To simplify this, the free version can help you with improving the correctness, clarity, engagement and delivery of your writing but it is important to know that Grammarly is not only a spell checker, some of its features are useful beyond improving your writing. Sometimes the features can make bad recommendations and it cannot replace a good writer. Let's discuss below the benefits of using Grammarly. 


The correctness function is the spell checker part of the software that corrects spelling mistakes, and adjusts your punctuation. If you use a comma, full stop, capital letter or spell a word wrong it is the correctness feature that will help you make it right.


If you write something that can come across confusing to your reader, the clarity function will give you an error letting you know. An example of a clarity error is usually when you describe something as 'It, they or them' instead of the actual word that lets people know what 'it is' that you are talking about.

Another example is underlined in the following sentence: It can in some cases rewrite sentences. - Correction: the clarity feature can in some cases rewrite sentences. 


Engagement or variety is focussed on word choice, to use the feature you can double click on any word and it will come up with a list of other synonyms. This means that you can change the words in your sentences to find better more engaging words that makes your text more interesting to read. Sometimes this feature can replace a few words for one to make the text more concise and straight to the point. 

Grammarly Premium Plagiarism checker

My favourite feature by far is the plagiarism detection and it is because of this tool that I wanted to pay for Grammarly premium in the first place. It is useful if you are hiring writers to write unique blog posts for your website or blog, after receiving the work you can add the text to the tool and it will scan across the internet to make sure that your text is unique. If the text is plagiarised, it will let you know what words have been copied and pasted, what percentage of your text is a copy and which websites the text has been taken from. 

Grammarly premium: Is it worth it? (Video)

Grammarly Compatibility

It is compatible with desktop, windows, Mac, browser extension, chrome, safari, Firefox, edge, Microsoft office, Google Docs, iPhone, iPad, and Android. You can use Grammarly here

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