How often should you post to YouTube?

How often should you post to YouTube?

The word consistency is thrown around a lot and for good reason because when it comes to know how often you should post to YouTube there is an algorithm bot to keep happy.

YouTube have claimed that having a break from posting does not affect your channel or reach, however, from experience I have found this to not be true. 

I started my channel about 12 years ago and I have seen so many changes to YouTube. I’ve been making videos on and off for a while and at one point I didn’t post for years, my viral videos started losing traction no longer ranking in search and over time they did lose their momentum, I came back and built my channel back up.

I did that for a whole year and then took only three weeks off, YouTube started to punish me by reducing my reach on current videos that I had uploaded, and when I posted new videos they then started getting seen by less people.

How often you should post to YouTube (Video)

Posting strategy: Before and now

My posting strategy has changed over time but the current best practise is that new YouTube channels should post once per day if possible, this is just temporarily for a month or two to build up as many videos as possible to bring in an audience and allow people to watch some videos that you’ve made.

Posting every day for a new channel gives you the fastest route to success but long term depending on the type of channel you are, this is not a sustainable method. After the first two months on YouTube, I would recommend changing your upload schedule to once per week, this will allow you to start getting ahead.

You can film multiple videos per day, schedule them weekly and once you are a few months ahead you can then start switching from quantity to quality and as your videos improve so will your views, subscribers and when monetised your earnings will increase too.

If you don’t want to post at least one video per week your chances of having a successful YouTube channel are very slim.

Certain channel types like musicians and bands tend to do worse because they post a new music video every 3-6 months and unless you are a famous musician, you are not going to be seen enough and will fail to build momentum. With the popularity of short form content, the posting advice remains the same only with the difference of uploading a short version of a long form video once per week on top of your weekly upload.

For YouTube newbies, you should experiment with short and long form videos swapping out one or two of your daily uploads for a shorts upload as the reach is currently higher. Starting on YouTube can be difficult especially when the amount of things that you need to do can be overwhelming but you can do this.

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