How to make a million before breakfast (Book overview)

How to Make A Million Before Breakfast (Overview)

The book called how to make a million before breakfast by author Kevin Rabeling focuses on five morning habits of self made millionaires. This book is only 53 pages long and can be easily read in a few hours. 

All the principles in this book are related to each other in terms of waking up early and completing the most important goals whilst everyone else is asleep. Below I will share with you the five main principles from the book.

Chapter 1

  • Go the extra mile
  • Wake up two hours earlier
  • work harder whilst everyone is sleeping
  • Do what other people are not willing to do

Chapter 2

  • swap bad habits for good habits 
  • set an opportunity clock instead of an alarm clock

Chapter 3

  • Do what needs to be done whilst people are asleep
  • Work on your most important tasks before breakfast
  • Dedicate 1 day per week to family and friends 

Chapter 4

  • Listen to experts and not people who are broke 
  • the subconscious mind is more powerful at 4am when the conscious mind is still half asleep 
  • come up with 5 new ideas daily and implement at least one 
  • create a productive space 

Chapter 5

  • Sleep for purpose and not for routine habit
  • People who can’t sleep at night are probably not doing enough.

Book review conclusion 

This book is a great read and provides you with a basic success formula based on five simple principles. It is thought provoking and can be read in a short time frame whilst providing you with many benefits. It is not the best book that I’ve read on the topic of business but I have read a lot.

My negative feelings towards the book is because the main basis of the book is to simply put ‘work harder' by waking up earlier but this alone will not help you unless you are working on the right things. Overall the book is a fresh ingredient but it is not the full recipe. My favourite quotes from the book are: rich people have a big library, poor people have a big tv.’ And never wish life was easier, wish you were better” 

You can purchase the book: How to make a million before breakfast here. 

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