Trafficly Visitor counter Shopify App (Review)

Trafficly Visitor counter Shopify App (Review)

I recently reached out to the Trafficly App team with a specific query regarding adding a view counter to my blog posts on Shopify. The customer support was perfect. Despite the app primarily featuring a visitor bar on product pages, the team went above and beyond to cater to my needs. They promptly forwarded my request to the technical team who ensured a custom solution for my blog posts.

The communication throughout the process was seamless, and the willingness to accommodate my requirements was truly commendable. They understood the importance of enhancing the visibility and popularity of my blog posts and help me to achieve that.

The app itself, Trafficly, functions smoothly and is user-friendly. It effectively showcases the live visitor count on product pages, it has added immense value to my store and it is a free app! Moreover, the team's dedication to customer satisfaction, as demonstrated is highly appreciable. Their responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile truly sets them apart.

How to download the trafficly visitor counter app?

Installing the app is easy, you can click here to install the trafficly visitor counter app, select your Shopify store then the free app will install. If you run into any issues you can easily contact the incredible support team! 

What does the app do?

Based on the provided text, the app appears to be a traffic counter application designed to integrate seamlessly into an online store's interface. Its primary function is to track and display the number of visitors actively browsing the store in real-time. By showcasing this live traffic data, the app aims to enhance the sense of community within the store, reassuring visitors that they are not alone in their shopping journey.

The app helps establish social proof by highlighting the vibrancy of the shopping community to potential buyers, thereby increasing the credibility and trust in the store's products. The app also facilitates the optimization of conversions and boosts sales by creating a sense of urgency and excitement through the display of active visitor counts on products. Trafficly focuses on enhancing the shopping experience, fostering trust, and driving sales through the use of real-time traffic data presentation.

Ratings and reviews

The reviews for the app are generally positive, with users praising its effectiveness in boosting their website's credibility and engaging customer support. Some users highlight its role in creating a sense of community and urgency among shoppers. However, there are a few negative reviews regarding accuracy and functionality issues. Overall, the app seems to be well-received, particularly for its customer service and ease of use.

Overall, people seem to have a positive opinion of the app. Many users appreciate its effectiveness in enhancing their website's credibility and creating a sense of urgency among shoppers. They also commend the app's customer support, highlighting quick response times and helpful assistance in resolving issues or customization requests. Some users even attribute an increase in traffic and conversion rates to the app's features.

There are a few negative reviews mentioning concerns about accuracy and functionality issues, although these seem to be in the minority compared to the positive feedback. Overall, the app appears to be well-regarded by its users, particularly for its ease of use and the benefits it brings to their online stores.

Its currently rated 4.7 out of 5 and is in my opinion currently one of the best shopify apps for view counters and social proof.

I highly recommend Trafficly App for anyone looking to enhance their Shopify store's visibility and engage their audience effectively. The stellar customer support and the app's functionality make it a valuable addition to any online business.

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