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Short Form Video Package

Short Form Video Package

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Our Short Form Video Package provides you with ten vertical filmed videos that can be used for all of your social media marketing purposes. Our team will conduct keyword research to ensure that your video performs well on platforms like YouTube Shorts, Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook Reels. Every video will be professionally made to be engaging, unscripted or scripted, will tell a clear story, have a clear call to action and will be fully optimised for SEO.

You will receive the video files, description, three hashtag keywords, on screen captions, so that you are ready to schudule. The final videos will contain B roll, and will have professional sound quality with added sound effects, ambience, and basic animation. We do not use backing music on these videos as different music is licenses for different platforms. Video duration ranges from 10 seconds to 1 minute running time depending on the project. Delivery will depend on the specific project, we aim to complete your package within four weeks however this is not guaranteed timeframe. 


  • Video under 60 seconds
  • Highly optimised for SEO
  • Clear call to action 
  • Using written script
  • Finished videos delivered
  • On screen captions for engagement 
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