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Homepage Optimisation Package

Homepage Optimisation Package

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If your homepage is slow either on mobile or desktop devices this will have a negative effect on your whole website. A slow page is not only bad for user experience but it is the most significant factor of whether Googles algorithm chooses to show your webpage or not. This homepage optimisation package covers some design aspects but focuses primarily on speeding up your homepage so that it can perform as well as it deserves.

Typically there many elements that could be slowing down your website such as large images, too much content, unnecessary code, troublesome apps and even a poorly made theme. Each slow website will likely have its own unique set of problems and not only will we fix these but we like to work together to ensure you keep the design elements that you want by finding alternative methods. We will troubleshoot to find the problem then will create an action plan which we will discuss with you before making any changes. After making the changes we will continue to test various elements until we have increased your sites speed. We specialise with Shopify and Wordpress websites. We will aim for a one week delivery of the work however it may take longer depending on the project.


  • Identify problems with your homepage
  • Create an action plan to resolve issues
  • Optimise images, code, apps and theme to increase your homepage speed
  • Guaranteed improvement for desktop and mobile devices or your money back.
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