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Photo Optimisation Package

Photo Optimisation Package

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Our photo optimisation package includes - optimising your image titles with keywords that are good for SEO to increase traffic, and we will optimise the images file size to make them smaller whilst retaining as much quality as possible. This will increase the speed of your website.

Most website traffic comes from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. For these companies to show your website in the search results they use an algorithm that lets them know how long people stay on your pages, how likely a person is to click on your website and the speed of the site.

Uploading large images that are not optimised will slow your website down and this will have a negative effect. Most websites are not built correctly at the beginning and typically fix these problems after a lot of trial and error. There are many online tools that will quickly reduce the file size of an image but the problem with these is that in many cases it destroy the quality of the image and also renames it to something irrelevant.  

This package will take all of the effort out of optimising images, we will individually resize each image to its optimal level and do keyword research to improve the odds that they get found on Google images. Our team prioritises orders as they come in so do not delay. We will optimise 100 photos for you so that you can improve your website speed, have more leads and get more sales. We aim to deliver the photo optimisation package within one week however it may take longer during busy periods. 


  • You will receive 100 optimised images (File Size & SEO Title)
  • Increase your daily visitors
  • Reach more potential customers
  • Boost your websites Domain Authority
  • Delivered image files ready for upload
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